Friday, January 13, 2012

My Week in Gratitude

I have been meaning to blog a little more this week about the things that inspire me and make me feel grateful.  It turns out that I probably should keep a little inspiration journal that can house my sudden thoughts so that I don't forget them.  In reality, I forget a lot of them because I have a lot to remember between snow gear, homework and whether the oldest Picky's American Girl Doll has been properly tucked in for the evening.

My Week in Gratitude

1.  My littlest Picky generally dislikes trying new things; in fact, he will scream and run the other way.  I ended up making a Thai-style Veggie Burger (I was out of black beans for the black bean burger) and we strained our eyes looking at him side-wise as he actually tried it.  He did not prefer it, but he tried it.  And in my house, that is a miracle.

2.  We had our typical monthly PTA meeting last night and hubby and I were dragged out to have drinks and snacks after-wise.  Socializing is good for the soul, especially when it is with new people.

3.  The Pickies and I hung out with some new friends yesterday.  Love the promise of new friendship.

4.  I picked up some new resale shop finds!  I now have a new sweater dress and a shirt.

5.  My niece had her baby yesterday.  Honestly, it feels like yesterday that I was a teenager dressing her up in princess costumes and plotting the next Barbie Doll or bead set I was going to bring her. She is a lovely woman and I cannot wait to meet that sweet baby.  Babies are a complete blessing.

6.  Knitting class this week was good for my heart although 3/4 of my project had to be ripped apart.  It was great to be able to chat with my buddies while teaching them the ins-and-outs of Pinterest and they gave me incredibly thoughtful Christmas presents.  One of the presents has to be made, go figure, but take a look at this awesome iPad case my knitting teacher made me (in full fall Amanda-like colors!):

7.  Although this morning has entirely consisted of bickering, the middle Picky just belted out a rendition of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" with a full-on table drum solo during breakfast.

8.  I changed my schedule up a little bit and was able to help out in the elementary school classes this week. It was really great because I haven't been able to get it together all year and the expressions on my little Pickies' faces were priceless.  It was a good reminder that a little bit of time (and effort!) goes a long way.

9.  Daddy told the littlest Picky that he should hurry so he can see Miss Karen at preschool and he whispered enthusiastically, "Can I wear my green preschool shirt?!"  He loves his preschool shirts.

10.  I am looking forward to ending the week with a date night and a pizza night with dear friends we haven't seen in a while.

It seems that the things that made me the most happy this week had to do with conversations and socializing with friends, both new and old.  Maybe this is a reminder to take the time and nurture these relationships, even when life gets a little crazy.  

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