Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beans for Breakfast? Who is this Crazy Woman?

I can't possibly be the only one.

Everyone else eats beans for breakfast, right?

OK.  I am fully aware that I may get the "weird award" for my breakfast preferences, but if you haven't tried eating them in the morning, you are missing out.

When hubby and I went vegan, I did my fair share of baking vegan donuts, pop-tarts and coffee cakes.  I have never been a huge breakfast eater, so most of the time I would skip it.  Or I would eat half a Larabar or an apple and a handful of raw almonds to give me the energy I needed for my morning workouts (I still do that sometimes).  I was never a huge egg person (blech), but I definitely missed the savory options in the morning.

And then my southern friend introduced me to garlic-y, salty, creamy grits.  And I was sold.  I started making them every so often with tofu and then one day I had leftover black beans.  They were delicious, although the grits were a bit heavy and the protein in the beans left me satisfied through my usual "snacky" times.

When hubby and I went to Costa Rica, we had this incredible buffet at the hotel.  Obviously we didn't partake in the majority of the offerings, but they had these awesome potatoes and gallo pinto (black beans and rice).  We would eat it with fresh salsa and guacamole...seriously it was probably one of the best things we have ever eaten.  The great thing about this was that we would eat around 6:00am, go surfing, ziplining or work (apparently we had to work in paradise), and I had very little desire to snack until lunch time.  I wasn't stuffed, just comfortably satisfied.
Our unbelievable Costa Rican breakfasts...
So now, I try to eat beans for breakfast...whatever is leftover works for me.  My friend's mom made us her Arabic mjadra (lentils and rice) and I ate that for four days straight.  Yesterday I ate leftover chickpea piccata.  Since I have been doing this, I haven't wanted to eat everything not glued down.

So as Yo Gabba Gabba says, 
"Try it.  You'll like it."

What do you eat for breakfast?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mama's Making Some Meals 3/13-3/16

Another Monday, another mildly crazy week.  
Only this one starts off with a home-bound mama with a sicky Picky.  

I ran away to the grocery store yesterday afternoon after planning a few meals off Pinterest and I am hoping everyone likes them around the house.  I'm only planning dinners because we mainly rely on sandwiches, burritos and leftovers for lunch.

Vegan pizza soup, salad and sesame soy green beans
This is most definitely not my picture
(I "borrowed" it from the link)...but it looks yummy!

Chili, cornbread and broccoli

Crock-pot baked potatoes with leftover chili, salad

Homemade pizza, roasted veggies

What are you making this week?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Philanthropy Friday.

I know you're on Facebook.

I know you're on Pinterest.

I know you have the ability to click the little mouse on your keyboard OR hit enter on your phone.

If you literally have 30 seconds, you can make a difference, without giving up money, time or energy.  No volunteering, no signing over your first child (however, that may suit some of you on a Friday) and no annoying emails trying to get you to buy various magic creams or weight loss-plans.

I have two sites that I need you to visit daily for a short period of time and your click will make an impact.
Happy Philanthropy Friday.

I have a beautiful friend who lost her love way too early, while she was six months pregnant.  She is up for one of the Top 25 Inspiring Blogs and it would sure mean a ton to her and her family and friends if you could vote for her blog, Everyday Kings, EVERYDAY until March 7th.  Please click here for the voting link.

The Home Depot Foundation builds more than just home projects; they build futures for many people who need it by giving $250,000 to a deserving non-profit.  Please, click here, scroll down and vote for the Ronald McDonald House.  This is a non-profit who houses the families of seriously-ill children, while being steps away from the Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit.  This money would be used to build a new roof and provide updates to continue their mission of caring about children.  Voting ends MARCH 31st, so I have plenty of time to harass you (I mean, give you gentle reminders).

The morning is just beginning; don't you feel like you have already done something good?  Please don't hesitate to pass this on!

Happy Philanthropy Friday.