Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have been reflecting a ton lately about how difficult is is to raise little girls.  Here we look at women in society and see all different kinds of women...confident, self-conscious, assertive, intelligent, uneducated, second-guessing, entitled, superficial, positive, negative women.  These types are shown everywhere in the media...on reality shows, youtube, facebook, news programs.  We obviously see the traits that we want to pass onto our little impressionable girls, but how do we do it?

How do I teach my daughter that she needs to work hard to get what she wants?  She is not entitled to anything.

How do I teach my daughter intelligence is more important than beauty?  Especially when the men tend to go towards the pretty long until she figures that out?

How do I teach my daughter that she is in control of her body and her emotions?  She needs to live life and find love without settling.  She is too good for just getting by or meeting someone that is "OK".

It's time to empower our little girls.  To give them the understanding that they stay true to who they are without settling in on what might be popular or cool.  And then *maybe* one day, one of them will be President.  :)