Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yeah, sorry about that...

A List of Why I Haven't Blogged:

*I've been taking a knitting class and I was making some mittens...yes, I am aware that it is spring.
*I've been trying to work on being less selfish and bridging over to help with chores that are typically not mine.
*I have the "end of winter" BLAHS...
*I've been trying to get in five work-outs per week, two being yoga.
*I've had PTA meetings, birthdays and other various fundraisers.
*I've been busy being mom and wife.  :)

I DO love winter but I start getting antsy at the end of each season.  I look ahead at the upcoming season and what excitement it brings and I long for doesn't help that I am impatient either.
I can't wait for local, fresh produce.
I can't wait to wear tank tops, sundresses and flip flops.

I promise to blog more...hopefully I'll find something interesting to say.  :)