Monday, October 8, 2012

Meal Planing Monday 10/7-10/12

My family ran a race last Sunday morning, and while my hubby made awesome time, my meal-planning for the week didn't fare as well.  I use Sunday mornings to plan our menus and then go grocery shopping while he takes the Pickies to the gym.  That didn't happen last week and our entire week felt the pinch:  lots of take-out, not-so-healthy meals. 

My handsome running hubby  is a rock star!
My parents are coming this week-YAY!-so Thursday and Friday are up in the air.  

Smoothies and oatmeal
Red pepper and white bean soup, salad
Pumpkin and white bean lasagna, salad, bread

Smoothies and pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins (NEED baking powder!)
Leftover lasagna and salad
Black bean and sweet potato enchiladas, green beans, fruit

Smoothies and cereal
Chickpea salad sandwiches, fruit and salad
Hot and sour soup, edamame, rice, salad with miso-ginger dressing

Smoothies and cereal
Out for lunch!
Tortilla soup and taco salad

Smoothies and coffee cake
Leftover soup and salad
Out (Birthday dinner?!?)

I forgot to mention that I have been loving my crockpot and the cookbook Vegan Slow Cooker.  Not only are the recipes delicious and pretty healthy, but some of them can cook on high for 3-4 hours, which is awesome when the littlest Picky is resting and I'm thinking about dinner in the afternoon.

Next week's plan should be fun because my mom is gluten-free, and that's always fun with a vegan menu, haha.  :)