Monday, March 12, 2012

Mama's Making Some Meals 3/13-3/16

Another Monday, another mildly crazy week.  
Only this one starts off with a home-bound mama with a sicky Picky.  

I ran away to the grocery store yesterday afternoon after planning a few meals off Pinterest and I am hoping everyone likes them around the house.  I'm only planning dinners because we mainly rely on sandwiches, burritos and leftovers for lunch.

Vegan pizza soup, salad and sesame soy green beans
This is most definitely not my picture
(I "borrowed" it from the link)...but it looks yummy!

Chili, cornbread and broccoli

Crock-pot baked potatoes with leftover chili, salad

Homemade pizza, roasted veggies

What are you making this week?

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