Monday, January 23, 2012

Meal Planning Monday 1/23-1/27

Ugh, I'm sick and completely uninspired to do anything in the kitchen or anywhere else.  My appetite is "eh" at best, so making this week's meal plan was a challenge.  So I relied on the Pickies and their favorites with a few of my own, and we are calling it a week.

Smoothies and cereal
Sandwiches, crackers and fruit
Grilled hummus wraps, pineapple (mom and dad out, if I feel better!)

Smoothies and banana "ice cream"*
Mac and cheese, apple slices
Jambalaya, rice, cornbread, salad

Smoothies and banana chocolate chip millet muffins
Burritos, "ants on a log"
Spaghetti and black bean meatballs, salad

Smoothies and toast
Leftovers and veggie slices
Chickpea piccata with steamed kale, cauliflower mashed potatoes, salad

Smoothies and cereal
Leftover piccata and sandwiches for the Pickies
Pizza night with green beans and salad

*Banana "ice cream" is the easiest, most fun thing to eat.  You take bananas, peel them and freeze them in halves.  When you are ready, you let them sit out for a few minutes and put them in the food processor.  Process them until smooth, like ice cream.  Top with various fruits, nuts and sauces.  Who says you can't have ice cream for breakfast?

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