Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making "Imaginary" Friends Real...

I read a powerful article on Huffington Post last week called "The Internet Rescues a Family" and I could really relate to it.  No, I have never experienced a terrible gut-wrenching house fire like the subjects of the article nor have I personally had an entire community made up of strangers come together to help my own personal family (thank goodness!).  

But I have seen magic happen through the internet.

I have seen bloggers come together to raise money for one lovely local woman who lost her husband and the father of her children.  Pennies on a Platter selflessly set up her blog so that any advertising profits for a month went directly to Everyday Kings, a woman and family she had never met in real life.  If that isn't pure magic and kindness, I am not sure I know the appropriate definition anyway.

Me and My Fabulous "Imaginary" Friend!

While most new or expecting moms have moments of panic or feelings of isolation, I have had a fabulous group of ladies from all over the world to help me through my parenting moments.  Our "Stay-at-home Mom" forum has allowed us to help one another with normal, everyday stuff and has also seen us through very personal, intimate and sometimes painful parts of each other's lives.  Have we all met in person?  No.  But I did meet one of my Internet "friends" a couple years ago for the first time, and I am proud to say that she is as every bit lovely as the person on the screen and a wonderful friend.  Is it actually physically meeting someone that gives you a true connection?  No. It's opening oneself to another in any form.  

Hubby and I were watching 60 Minutes last week and we saw a story about kickstarter.com; it is a website that allows people to pitch their creative ideas and ask for financial backing within a certain time period. I already was well aware of this website when my two friends, Keisha and Kwaun Musical Ministries made a video asking for funding to produce a (stunning!) devotional album.  Almost 60 people came forward and raised $8705 for the extraordinary duo; $700 more dollars than they asked to raise.  All because of beautiful people who came together for a sole reason:  TO HELP.  And now these kind, beautiful ladies will be able to explore their dreams.

I am completely overtaken by  kindness and compassion thriving in our world.  All it takes is someone who cares to have an idea, an inspiration, and the ability to nurture it with some hard work, networking and passion.  

The world can be such a lovely place.  
Even if it is on the internet.


Denise said...

Amazing how a group of people who so few of us have met IRL can be so close and there for each other <3

Amanda said...

It's so awesome! I love how we all watch each other's children grow up. :)