Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Childhood of Nonchalance

It amazes me how easy children can brush things off like it's no big deal.  Hubby or I fall and we can't walk for weeks without whining and taking ibuprofen.  Littlest Picky, after seeing a "Wipe-out-like episode", runs straight into the doorwall and he cries for maybe three seconds (and hopefully will never ever EVER do that again).  
What gives? HOW are kids so resilient?

I lose a necklace, a bra and a pair of jeans and I search EVERYWHERE.  Under the bed, in the laundry, in drawers, behind the washing machine and I am so sad about my missing things.  Middle Picky misplaces his brand-new DS case with four of his games within a week of receiving them, shrugs his shoulders and says, "Oh well.  At least I have my 3DS and one game".  

WHAT?  Why can they just move on without these items driving them crazy or walk away injury-free?  

Thankfully, our children can get up and move after falling down,  with little to no injuries, but hopefully lessons will be learned (doubtful).  And maybe I need to take away some of the attachment that goes along with my material possessions and adopt my children's nonchalance.

Ugh.  I guess.

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