Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yoga spirit

I have a yogi living inside who loves all the complicated moves, adores the breath awareness and craves the feeling after savasana.  I have dabbled in yoga for a long time but last year, we became commited to a Sunday morning class.  In fact, we started skipping church to go to yoga...I suppose we all find spirituality in different places.  I feel just as connected to this world, myself and God after yoga as I did after a sermon. 

(I also have a musician who lives in my soul with none of the talent.  Music moves me in an inexplainable way; emotions run through me depending on the beat.  Up to a point, music can define who I am at any given time and although I love the music, I am no good at singing or any instrument.  Unfortunately.)

But yoga... 
Each practice allows me to stretch a little further, bind a little tighter and strengthen a little more.

Although I find yoga to be a deeply spiritual experience, I have a difficult time separating the practice, religion and ideals.  Yoga makes me want to be  more compassionate, soulful, patient and I automatically *assume* that the person next to me wants to get the same things out of their practice.  But that isn't always true. I have learned to go into my yoga practice with no judgement or expectations.  It's hard because I find yoga to be a community; a place where we all practice, breath and just BE together and that automatically turns into a spiritual point for me when the complete feeling of peace envelops everything in me. 

I have immense gratitude for my yoga community.  Thank you for showing up for me.  :)


Vee said...

I give props to people who do Yoga...I am not one of those people. I have a hard time clearing my mind long enough to really feel peaceful and connected, I end up distracted and with a clouded mind. I would much rather do come cardio kickboxing and sweat my way into feeling great, it seems to clear my head better for some reason. Maybe I'm just doing it for the wrong reasons!

Amanda said...

Well, there goes my brilliant plan!! :) And see, I am not a kickboxing girl..I think it is because I feel so dumb fake punching...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Vee minus the kickboxing. I wish I could do yoga and I could never give up my church time...I'd have to find a different class for sure. I tried it once (as in a session)and hurt like hades the next day after my instructor didn't really "get" my issues and didn't like me just laying there during certain moves. I quietly bowed out after a while but gave it a good 6 weeks first. I would love to try again someday...although I still can't do all the moves due to my health issues and deformities. When I could get the stuff out of my head I enjoyed the calmness. Today I sat and meditated to 80's love songs during the state testing (I was a monitor) until someone coughed and I realised I better stop before I fell asleep;)

Keep up the good'll feel so much better as the years progress! lovin' the blog!

Sheri mom2aii

Heather said...

I'm very impressed with your picture! I love yoga and I find a deep spiritual peace at a certain point during yoga too. It is a very neat mind/body/spirit connection when I reach that place.

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