Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meal Plan: Week of April 18th :)

Here are my dinner meal plans for this week. 
I may switch veggies up depending on what I find on sale at the store (organic and local). 

Sunday 18:  Roasted root veggies with roasted garlic lime sauce, quinoa and salad
Monday 19:  Spicy beans with rice, green beans with toasted almonds
Tuesday 20:  Linguine "alfredo", lemon broccoli and kale salad with dried cherries
Wednesday 21:  Quinoa corn chowder, veggie, leftover kale salad with dried cherries
Thursday 22:  Crockpot red beans and barley, roasted garlic cauliflower
Friday 23:  Homemade cheese pizza for kids, tostada pizza for us, roasted leftover veggies
Saturday 24:  Spicy potato curry, rice, sauteed spinach

Some lunches this week:  sandwiches, burritos and quesadillas, buttered noodles.

YUM!  Off to grocery shop later this afternoon!

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Amber said...

Thanks Mandy!
Now if I could get my larger boy to eat beans...