Monday, February 27, 2012

Dinner Plans 2/27-3/2

I had to take all three Pickies to Whole Foods yesterday...on a Sunday afternoon.  I think I deserve a medal or at least some delicious chocolate cake.  They can be super helpful, picking out the exact tortillas we need or loading up the cart with various colored bananas, but having three Pickies wander an already-crowded grocery store is...well, an adventure.  Thankfully we don't have to do that often.

This week is a crazy one, so I only planned the dinners and figured we will be in survival-mode for the rest.

Breakfast for Dinner:  pancakes, yogurt, fruit and maybe some scrambled tofu

Chickpea cutlets shaped like veggie tenders, roasted potatoes, green beans

Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

Chickpea picatta, mashed potatoes, salad

Homemade pizza, salad, green beans

I let the Pickies each choose a dish this week and I am often surprised when the seven year old picks "chickpea picatta"...really?  What kid does that?  She likes capers, which I find extremely delicious as well.  Weirdo child.  ;)

What are you eating this week?


christina said...

Chickpea picatta....mmm,I would love to try that! Sounds delish! As for our menu this week, Monday-Chicken salad sandwiches w/Autumn chopped salad(Pintrest) and fruit. Tuesday is going to be crazy so I think that will be our pizza night. Wednesday is homemade tacos w/mango quinoa salad and I'm testing out a new salsa recipe. The girls requested stuffed cabbage this week so I think Thursday I will have enough time to make that. Friday is either leftovers or pizza again!

Anonymous said...

Thought you should know I made the chickpea cutlets, and even brought some to my vegan-recipe-lovin' uncle last night. HUGE hit. HUGE. I can't believe how tasty vegan recipes can be! Thanks!!!

Amanda said...

Nina, can you give me that mango quinoa salad recipe again? Your menu sounds so good this week!

Hello Anonymous, I am glad they turned out. I'm thinking about making them and adding them to a wrap to make a "hani" like sandwich!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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