Friday, February 24, 2012

I May Be a Bag Lady

Honestly, why on earth do I carry a big purse?  

All I do is fill it up with junk, necessities and "No, thanks, I don't need a bag" purchases!  Really, this borderlines ridiculous (with the border being completely ridiculous), and boys listen up:  
This is why you never look in a woman's person.  God only knows what you will find.

The Bag.  

Oh, so cute.  I bought this across-the-chest bag at Whole Foods a year or so ago for $15 for a trip to Atlanta.  

It's a perfect bag for toting stuff around and I'm pretty sure at this rate, a small child could fit in it.  

The Contents.
Oh, let me list the full contents for you.

1.  A Super-why coloring book
2.  Various broken crayons, pencils, pens and markers
3.  Thomas the Train CD
4.  Two Jane Iredale concealers--two different shades
5.  Aveda hair product
6.  Brand-new mascara
7.  An empty Kombucha tea bottle (that's right-a heavy GLASS bottle)
8.  1/2 eaten Pure bar
9.  Empty iPhone case
10.  Various papers, including a funeral program
11.  This knitting pattern
12.  Wallet (well isn't THAT handy?!)
13.  Empty compact

Now seriously, why do I have so much stuff in my purse?  
I think I may have found a pug in there.  ;)  
What's in your purse or backpack?  'Fess up!

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Too Funny!! Mine is like that too! I have at least 4 pens. App. 8 dollars worth of quarters, should we happen to pass an arcade and the change machine is broken? 3 different lipsticks/glosses, 3 different flashlights, at least 10 bandaids (in case every child in the room gets a boo boo?), an extra pair of kiddo undies and pants, peanuts, 2 different hand lotions, and on and on it goes! The kids grunt when they pick up my purse to hand it to me ;)