Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smooth Mornings...

So The Pickies are usually pretty awesome at breakfast.  What's not to like about cereal, toast, muffins or whatever sweet concoction mom has created?  They LOVE fruit, applesauce and yogurt so adding that to a breakfast meal makes Daddy the most popular chef in the house (he oversees breakfast while I am a "lady of leisure": checking my email, drinking my coffee, blogging and mentally preparing myself for our day). 

The two littlest Pickies aren't as willing to try new things and the smallest Picky has become REALLY particular.  Dad became concerned and we started making shakes/smoothies for breakfast.  The kids really like them and at first, we bought some protein powder to put in them and when I read the nutritional info, I wasn't that impressed. Supplements are awesome for people who aren't consuming all of the vitamins and minerals they need...why not make a smoothie that has essential nutrients naturally?  

So I came up with this awesome smoothie and vary it according to what is in the house.  The Pickies are currently anti-seeds, so we have been using frozen blueberries vs. the frozen berry blend.  ;)  Greens-wise, I have been using fresh kale but I was out this morning, so I threw in some frozen spinach.  If you are worried about the greens, don't fret; blueberries hide the flavor and color.  However, if you have never tried a kale/banana smoothie, I suggest you do so.  YUM.  Today I added some unsweetened cocoa powder at the end and the kids LOVED it!

Morning Smoothie
handful of ice cubes
3-4 oz. frozen blueberries
1 banana
3 or 4 dates (dates rock.)
8-12 oz. almond milk 
1 stalk of a green, rinsed and leaves trimmed
2 teaspoons vanilla
Blend the ice, fruit and milk.  When smooth, add your greens and vanilla.  If you like a thicker shake, add more ice or frozen fruit.  
Just think of all the awesome calcium, antioxidants and fiber you are giving your kids in the morning..naturally.  :)  

An empty cup=full belly.  :)

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