Sunday, January 30, 2011

The kids must eat, therefore, I MUST plan. Meal Plans Week of 1/30 :)

We are trying to count calories around here so baking the incredible pop tarts and wonderful coffee cakes is always difficult.  I am an avid spoon-licker and I also feel entitled to dessert so if I am baking at night, it is extra trouble for my waistline.  This week I have a few treats up my sleeve but they are of the lower-fat variety.  Did you know that you can replace oil with unsweetened applesauce in most baked goods recipes?  It's delicious and still maintains the moisture in cakes, muffins, etc.

Sunday 30:
banana chocolate chip muffins and tropical smoothies
leftovers from the weekend
eggplant and chickpea curry, homemade pita, 

Monday 31:
cereal and fruit
peanut butter toast, fruit, veggies and dip
baked tofu and caulipots (mashed potatoes AND cauliflower)

Tuesday 1:
banana coffee cake
miso noodle soup
tortilla casserole, salad

Wednesday 2:
cereal and smoothies
yellow split pea soup with sweet potatoes and kale, steamed broccoli, fresh bread

Thursday 3:
toast and fruit smoothies
out for lunch
red beans and rice, green beans, salad

Friday 4:
yogurt with fruit and homemade granola
bean burritos and cheesy roll-ups
lentil, kale and red onion pasta, corn

Saturday 5:
cereal and fruit
out for lunch
homemade veggie pizza

Extras:  homemade veggie dip, granola, spiced chocolate pudding, bread

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