Sunday, September 26, 2010

We are more than numbers.

I have been a yo-yo on the scale of life over the past six years; my weight has fluctuated between babies, our income has made sharp turns and all the while, I have been increasing in age.  :P

As far as materialism goes, I want little more than jeans that fit properly.  I am stuck in a world of skinny jeans while I prefer bell-bottoms or flare, so this task is extra difficult.  Throw in some post-baby pudge and trying on jeans can be simply disastrous.  I am between sizes and that makes things interesting, too.  Nothing ever fits quite right and that could easily break some self-confidence. 

But not me.

The size means nothing, the scales speak lies.  Yes, I monitor to make sure I am not too far above where I am most comfortable but I don't take it too seriously.  I have seen more women at the gym step on that scale with much more additional cargo than myself weigh significantly less than me.  I have seen popsicle-stick thin ladies weigh more than me:  the number means nothing.  It doesn't measure muscle, it doesn't measure genetics and it sure doesn't measure HOPE.  We need to stop defining ourselves by these numbers and let them control our emotions. 

Income is really no different; there was a time in my life where we had two incomes, one extraordinary source and my teaching salary.  I showed the world by wearing my Tiffany's jewelry and driving my Lexus (both very nice things if those are what you enjoy).  When I became a stay-at-home mom, not only was my income gone, we had moved to a house with lots of trouble and then the real estate market CRASHED.  So did our income.  That marked the beginning of my internal transformation when I realized that I was not necessarily happy with all of my material treasures; our income dollar amount meant nothing if we couldn't function as a family and appreciate simple things.  And over the years, it has been difficult adjusting to the highs and lows of owning our own business, but we are happy and have gained some great perspective.  Once again, we make do with our numbers but don't wallow in them.

Age isn't going to go away and I vow to do it gracefully.  I notice the lines in my hands, the skin stretching with age and I don't feel sad...I make the best out of what I have.  I promise to love and nurture my physical body as well as my emotional and psychological nature.  Age does not define who we are or what we feel, it just shows how long our souls have been alive.

As a society, it's not about how much we weigh, what size we are wearing or about how much money we make.  This does not define only pushes us away from others we judge ourselves against.

I am grateful to have these numbers at all.


Jessie Schmidt said...

Well said!! I have been going thru that same place and am finding much happiness on this side of it. Numbers are just numbers and only have the influence on life that we give them. I'd rather count the smiles around the house and the number of hugs and kisses than anything else :)

Kathy said...

I love your perspective. I have always been the glass is half full person, naturally pessimistic, rather draining to be honest. I have been like this since childhood and have been trying to change for several years. So, thank you for this, it's truly inspirational.

Vee said...

Great post, Amanda! It's a great reminder of how blessed we really are, and sometimes we let 'numbers' get in the way of our happiness.

And my motto has always been 'I get better every year' I look forward to getting a year older, and year better! =]