Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Lunchbox

This is a BIG year for oldest is now in full-day school and she gets to bring a lunch which means that we have to be very creative because little missy, she doesn't prefer most sandwiches!  So I thought that I would make a list of all the different *healthy* things we are packing or excited to pack...


Horsie Lunchbag
(Really?!?  I never knew she likes horses!)
Little BPA-Free Bento lunchbox containers
(I don't have a picture but they are containers with lids--all sizes)

Wide thermos
(and it has a pop-out spoon)
BPA- Free Water Bottle

Washcloth (for messy kiddos)
It's only day three but we have been very excited about what we pack for lunch.  Since my girl is at school all day, she needs a morning snack as well as an afternoon one along with her lunch.  I am all about the healthy with a dab of the treat so it has been an interesting balance.  I empower my daughter by giving her some options and letting her make the choices. 

So far, some of the snacks we have chosen or have planned:
Organic applesauce
Homemade carrot-rasin muffins (I doubled a batch, flash-froze them and threw them in a freezer bag to be individually defrosted)
Veggies with various dips (hummus, ranch, honey mustard)
Crackers with cheese
Homemade chex mix
Dried cereal
Other homemade treats (coffee cake, scones, muffins, cereal bars, etc)

We have only had two main dishes thus far, because she liked the first one so much she wanted it the next day.  The thermos keeps things temperature-ready, so it has been really helpful.  And when our sassafras isn't taking it to school, her daddy takes it to work...who cares if it is pink? 

Some non-sandwich, non-peanut butter entree choices:
Bean burritos
Spaghetti (she actually wanted to take the leftovers with lentils and zucchini...who IS this kid?!?)
Buttered noodles
Butter and jelly sandwich
Miso soup
Pizza (small, but a few of them)
Hummus and Pita (or veggies)
Fondue (with chips, veggies, bread, etc)

And I give her little treats to eat with her lunch..
Homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chips...

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share!  :) 
I hope our enthusiasm keeps up for the whole school year!  :)

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Maureen (Moe) Buck said...

This is a regular thought of mine. Our school is peanut safe, so many ideas (and "regular standby's ie: PB&J and some trail/snack mixes) are out! My daughter eats well, but is kinda picky. This AM I made her a tortilla with Nutella and banana rolled up. Online I saw an idea for a tortilla with pizza sauce & cheese rolled up and cut into bite size pinwheels. I agree a THermos is a MUST (I actually have 2 per child). I packed one this AM with green beans left over from dinner last night. Keep the ideas coming!!

PS: I still wanna try cucumber hummus, but dont know where to find ground flax seed and tahini. Any suggestions for me? a health food store? I loked at the grocery chain, but unless it's in a different spot - they didnt have it.