Monday, June 21, 2010

Messy Kids--I can either give them napkins or feed them in the bathtub.

My kids are really messy when they eat.  Food and drink often make appearances on shirts and shorts, chairs and floor.  I never really liked to give the kids napkins because they really wouldn't use them but I also found them to be completely wasteful (we eat three meals a day together, five get the concept).  I thought about introducing cloth napkins to the kiddos but the ones I have always used don't feel good...they aren't soft and they CERTAINLY wouldn't stand up to an entire cup of spilled milk.  So I went to Target and found these awesome washcloths.  They were under $10 and my kids love them.  They can wipe their hands, faces and messes without having to grab multiple napkins or paper towels.  The kids put their plates in the sink and throw their washcloths in the laundry basket; it is that easy.  I bought two bundles and we rarely run out.

If only I could get them to wear toddler-sized bibs... 

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