Sunday, June 20, 2010

The happenings...

Sorry that I haven't posted lately, it hasn't been because I am UNinspired but because life has been busy.  :)  I always try to remember that a full life is happier than an empty one so I need to keep that perspective in my pocket while I am shuttling around town.

I haven't been meal-planning lately (SHOCK!  HORROR!) because I have been all over the fresh local food that I have been getting at the farmer's market and Whole Foods.  :)  Last week I made batches of green garlic pesto, taco salads and a bbq tempeh BLT.  :)  Lots of good stuff with some eating out thrown in there.

We received our first CSA pick-up yesterday and I was delighted to find lots of lettuce, kale, radishes, green snap peas and STRAWBERRIES in my brand new eco-friendly bag.  My farmers rock.  And if you have never eaten a fresh, local, strawberry, find yourself one.  No, they aren't the big (however delicious) Driscoll's strawberries, they are tiny, slightly dirty and imperfect...they absolutely will melt in your mouth. 
 Find them.  This week.  Before they are gone.

I plan on eating lots of leftovers this week thanks to my sweet friend that made me an entire pan of vegan enchiladas as well as the almost entire veggie cheese-less pizza from Father's Day dinner.  But oh the salads we will eat this week...yum.

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