Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hopefully Summer Can Get Past Bodily Functions

Summer vacation is here and this was a text from yesterday:

(me): "He hasn't puked in over 24 hours and boom-continually every 20 minutes for the next few hours"
(response): "That's awful!
(me): "Yes.  Especially since I got toilet water in my eye during one of the sessions.  It's OK to laugh."

That about sums it up. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have started summer vacation with the stomach flu. Besides the random vomiting at the most inopportune times, jumping into action every time someone coughs, and making the littlest Picky carry a bucket everywhere he goes, it's been OK. I've worked on laundry, planted a garden, read and even got in a couple workouts.
Hello Veggies.
But now what? As I wait to see who will be the next to drop, we need to have some fun. Not too much fun, the kind of fun that requires a bit of resting as to not aggravate the ex-sicky Picky. 

 I would like it to NOT include:
  • Vomiting (duh)
  • The Wiggles "Hot Poppin' Popcorn dvd or music
  • Slug-Bug or Jeeper assaults
  • Dog pee from the new puppy (who is very cute-but she bites and pees in the house.)
    I'm cute but my teeth are sharp!
I'm hoping I can stick with blogging this summer's adventures. I'll let you know what the Pickies decide they want to do to pass the beautiful, warm days.

The biggest picky just stepped in pee. 
And as the littlest picky would say, "That's what you get!"


Christy Joy said...

I wish you a week without excessive bodily functions from puppies or Pickies. (Ok, let's be a real - I wish you a DAY...)

Maria M. said...

Happy summering my friend!