Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12 Months of Meaning

I am incredibly grateful for 2011 and I am pleased to be ending the year in a much better space than 2010.  The kids have become a bit more independent and that has allowed myself opportunities to have a few moments to myself for cooking, knitting and creating.  My hubby's business has flourished (thank goodness) and we have been able to do some repairs around the house, along with some fun decorating.  Our health and our family's health has been pretty decent and I swear I've seen a miracle or two.  So I want to completely share my gratitude, love and peace and acknowledge the beauty that life holds.

When I find myself inspired by something, I get this feeling in my chest and stomach; inspired, creative, meaningful things MOVE me.  And with that being said, I am piggy-backing off an idea from a friend over at Momma's Silver Lining to show my gratitude to the inspiring things that make life enjoyable, manageable and beautiful.

12 months of Meaning.
My goal is to blog no less than a few times a week to express gratefulness and appreciation for daily things, events or people. Although it may be a personal journey for me, I'm sure it will also be filled with funny kid quotes, dog humor and good vegan food.  Who knows.  I'm not sure what to expect.

Feel free to follow me and help fuel me on this journey with your love, support and comments.  I appreciate every single one of you and the impact you have made on my life.  

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