Thursday, February 17, 2011

I *heart* Amazon and their crazy money-saving deals!

Have you heard of the Subscribe and Save program on Amazon?  You can buy many of your household items for 15% off and you can subscribe to have them delivered to your house for FREE at various times.  Paper towels, soap, deodorant, cleaning products, even some food! Subscribe and Save allows you to change your shipment dates and cancel anytime.

If you are buying diapers, wipes and such from the baby store, be sure to sign up for Amazon Mom FREE.  It entitles you to Amazon Prime benefits which include free two-day shipping for any Amazon purchases for up to a year and an additional 15% off purchases in the baby store.  Non-Mathematical?  That's 30% off when buying things in bulk from the baby store when paired with the Subscribe and Save!

Do you have a little one in diapers?  I looked up my Eco-friendly Seveth Generation Diapers (usually $13.99 in store).  I signed up FREE for Amazon Mom, used the Subscribe and Save feature and got FOUR packs of diapers with free two-day shipping for under $28.  (Different sizes cost different amounts so results may vary).  I signed up to get them delivered every month but I realized that I needed them a bit earlier.  I went on and shipped them immediately for the same great price.  Free shipping, low prices, AWESOME.  Diapers for $7 per pack?  Even better!

I just ordered the Seventh Generation baby wipes.  I usually buy a pack for $3.79 and I occasionally will have a $1 off coupon.  Amazon sells them in packs of 5 for approximately $11.  With the Subscribe and Save Option, I just got them shipped to my house for $8.32 and free two day shipping.  That means that I am getting my awesome eco-friendly wipes for $1.66 each.  Check out the awesome deals!  

Now I can spend my extra money on good food.  :)

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