Monday, May 10, 2010

Meal Plan Week of May 9th

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day.  I spent the morning meal planning before yoga.  Exciting life, huh?  :)  Here are my dinner plans for the week.  I am skipping posting the breakfast and lunches because eventhough I have them written down, I tend to change my mind according to leftovers.

Sunday 9: pancakes, scrambled tofu, apple slices
Monday 10:  teriyaki tofu with noodles and green beans (SO good!)
Tuesday 11:  crockpot chickpea and barley stew, salad
Wednesday 12:  spaghetti marinara, salad
Thursday 13:  sandwiches and leftover stew
Friday 14:  pizza night
Saturday 15:  out!

breakfasts:  cereal, toast with jam, cereal bars, coconut chai coffee cake
lunches:  sandwiches (tofurkey, grilled cheese, pb and j), bean burritos and quesadillas, leftovers

Yea for having my grocery shopping done, too!  :)

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